Thursday, December 31, 2009


The year is ending and it is time to reflect...

This year:
-I never worked a 40 hour week
-I didn't have permanent employment until the end of June
-I moved twice
-Began the year in tears but ended it with smiles

The smiles are caused by these highlights:
-Visiting Lizzie's family in El Paso and wine tasting in New Mexico
-Australia with its numerous kangaroos, big sky, and delicious bubbly!
-New Zealand...breathtaking
-Northern California's rugged beauty helping me reconnect with who I am and what I want
-San Francisco Giants' games and catching my first baseball (even though I begged for it)
-Love; falling down and the ability to mend and grow
-Paying off my car!!
-Finding out I am going to be an auntie again :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Harvest time

I have been having the most amazing time at work watching the harvesting of grapes. I had no idea what went into making wine until this year. Rain, sun, fog, and time all play a vital role in the ripening of grapes. In fact, there are still grapes on vines waiting for the right time to be picked. Everyone is working so hard to make sure the crop comes in before the bad weather takes over. There have been a few days of rain and they weren't too fun to work, but i learned so much from the winemakers and how it affects their work.

One of the most amazing parts of my job is watching the colors change. Every day, I notice a new color. Grapevines change into so many hues. I have seen purple, yellow, pink, red, orange and olive green.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Farewell Australia

Tonight was my last night in the land down unda! We spent it in Williamstown, near downtown Melbourne.
This trip has made me realize what an amazing friendship Becky and I have developed over the past 16 years. I wouldn't trade them for anything.
We spent a lot of time rehashing the good ole days and many laughs were shared. I must admit, I didn't think we would last 3 weeks, but we got along better than ever.

Thank you, Becky for so many more memories. I wish you weren't an ocean away! I can't wait to see you again and pick up from the amazing point we last saw each other...never a dull moment with closest friend! ;)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Melbourne Scenes

We went downtown yesterday and did some more exploring. After 3 days in bed, it felt good to move around and be outside!
The buildings are so unique and squished together.
I think this was one of my favorites...
The sky is HUGE down here. Sunset is always a treat.
Doesn't it look like a fire??

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Christchurch by day

How awesome to wake up with this outside the window!
We took a stroll along the Avon river.
I LOVE this place!
Just another amazing brick building...

So European!

New Zealand and back...

I just got back from New Zealand tonight. We almost didn't get to go. In fact, we checked in, went through customs and security in Melbourne and then as we were walking through Duty Free, Becky got a call. It turns out, the gal at the ticket counter gave NZ the wrong info regarding Becky's passport and we had to be escorted back through customs to sort it out.

This was not fun! I was "randomly" selected to be searched and patted down both times (within 20 mins) and Becky thought she was going to be deported!!! After all was said and done, we toasted with bubbly in the airport and were super happy to be on the plane!

We had no idea how AMAZING New Zealand was going to be. Here are a few photos of the night we arrived...(they don't even begin to do the city justice)
Christchurch, New Zealand!!!! This was the view from our hotel room...BAM!
The front of the church...
FINALLY here!!!
One of the many awesome sculptures that grace the city.

More pics to come...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yet another Wine Adventure

Our first stop was Lyre Bird Hill...

Cheers to late harvest Sauvignon Blanc...not too sweet, not too dry, Just Right!
I wasn't to sure of this place...we interrupted the footy game and the guy did not want to miss the game, but we wanted more vino!!

Becky enjoying a glass in a beautiful garden.
Kane smiling for the camera, being a good sport!
Aussie vines

This is a perfect picture to describe the afternoon!!!

Inverloch Ocean Time

We took a drive to the coast and stopped at Eagle's Nest and played in the sand and climbed on the rocks.
Here are the lovebirds walking along the beach...
Here we are trying to have a best friend moment and Kane had to sneak into the shot...
I love the ocean!

Another breathtaking coast!

Weekend in the Aussie Countryside

We set out Friday night to Kane's dad's place. They live in Leongatha, a cute country town in Southern Victoria. Becky and I began the adventure with a toast!
This is the farm we stayed at. There are vineyards, Shetland ponies, a pig, chickens, a dam with eels and ducks...very country...very relaxing!
This is their back patio. It is equipped with a spa and a bar.
When the weather is warmer, this dam is used for swimming and kayaking. They also fish out of it.
We took a drive and this is another view of the farm. It was nice to get away and meet Kane's family.

Here are just a few more pictures of the amazing landscaping around the house...
This is a tree fern, they are abundant over here. In some parts they are as big as a palm tree.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The water is clearer on the other side...

We took a road trip on the Great Ocean Highway yesterday. Our tour guide was Becky's friend Casey.
I could not believe the clarity of the water. The colors were so intense. Even the waves seemed more aqua and magnificent.
Our destination was the Twelve Apostles. What we thought would be a 2 hour drive, turned out taking us 5 hours. The drive was well worth it. I was able to see a lot of the coast.
I also got to put my feet in a different ocean!

This was another beautiful sunset for a perfect ocean day. This has been my favorite Aussie experience!!