Monday, April 25, 2011

Spokane Sensory

 I spent last weekend in Spokane with Jenny's family. Visiting Jenny, fills my senses like no other visit. One of the reasons is that she has 4 children who surround me with loving hugs and kisses. Another reason is hearing their sweet chatter and laughter. Then, Jenny makes amazing food and serves it with love. Finally, you can't visit their home without seeing the love that has grown in their home.
Inside Chaps
 Everything about my sister, is sweet. She is an amazing mom, sister, wife and daughter. She cares deeply and  is quite genuine. I am fortunate that we are close. I know many women who are not close to their sisters and I have 2 who are my best friends.
Swirl and Sip
 We did spend some sister time together and this was my favorite part of the trip. Both of my sisters are wonderful moms, but I know that that is only one of their roles. When I visit them, we try to go out, just as sisters and catch up. Jenny and I headed to Left Bank Wine Bar and spent the evening sipping wine flights, eating Gorgonzola bruschetta and chocolate truffles. There were many laughs and sister stories shared.
 Jazz and wine go well together and luckily, these guys were there to set the mood!
Food Coma
 I was told to go to Elk Public House to eat because it was on some TV show. Since I don't have TV, I had never heard of it. Thank goodness I followed that advice. The food was AMAZING! This place was an old pharmacy and it even had an old PacBell phone booth inside...gotta love history!
Symphony Sunday
 On our final day together, we went to the symphony. My ears were so happy!
Thank you Chissa for a wonderful visit! I love you!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poppies, Pinot and Pismo

California Golden Poppy
Spring is here and with it comes the bloom of my favorite flower, the California Golden Poppy. I am sure they have been blooming for a week or two, but today seemed to be full of their orange vibrancy.
Poppies and Pinot
Poppies have exploded between the rows of Pinot noir in this vineyard. I am so grateful that I am able to spend time outside while working. This made my day.
Poppies and Pismo
When I came home, they were lifting their bright blooms to the sun and bowing to the ocean in the wind.