Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friendship, Food and Fun

Today was filled with good food, amazing friendship and a city that always has something waiting to be discovered.

My dear friend, Laura and I began our day with brunch at Nob Hill Grille. I highly recommend ordering a mimosa (they are quite large) while you wait. I had the delicious pesto scramble which made it to my top brunch eats of all time!

Afterwards, we picked up her sister, Emily2 (it gets confusing when there are two of us with such a great name) and went shopping/furniture hunting. We played in the Mission looking in vintage stores with coffee from Four Barrel Coffee. They have a very simple, straight forward menu. I ordered the mocha. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Yum. It tasted it had sea salt added. I know this may sound weird, but you have to try dark chocolate with sea salt to understand this edible phenomenon! Anyway, shopping was fun, highlighted by Emily2 trying on vintage dresses...good stuff!

Before the evening set in, we went back to Laura's apartment. We sipped wine, listened to music and caught up on what seemed like forever since we last saw each other. Luckily, she is one of my few friends where we pick up where we ended, like time never passed. It was a lovely afternoon.

For dinner, we decided on Vietnamese cuisine at Sunflower. We split a large Sapporo, ordered amazing prawn noodles, pan fried green beans and pot stickers. Super amazing flavors and company.

What a lovely day!