About Me

I am an adventurer extraordinaire figuring out how to make my dreams come true. I've climbed the corporate ladder twice and was left unsatisfied. With two sabbaticals under my belt, I've adopted a lifestyle of minimalism which allows me to travel more, write with less distraction and truly appreciate the blessings in life. I am a spiritual life coach and my dream is to write and inspire others to live passionately, pursue their unique dreams and to harness their bravery. These are my stories of hope, heartache, life lessons, love and joy.

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy, wanderlust is my only vice and adventure feeds my soul. I see travel as the perfect way to connect, grow and explore our beautiful planet. Always left in awe...

For more information on Life Coaching and how to live your best life, please send me an email at emily@soulsadventures.com or visit www.soulsadventures.com

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