Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hopeful Homecoming

I returned to San Diego very late one night due to delays from a hurricane approaching Hawaii where I had a 4 hour layover. The Honolulu airport was a flurry of activity with people trying to get off the island before the hurricane hit. It took a long time to get through customs and then again through security, but luckily there were delays to help get my bag to the right place and find my gate. I stopped for a beer and some lunch and listened as the bartender proclaimed "We fly through storms, there shouldn't be any worries about flights." I felt reassured that I would get home.

My flight landed only 20 minutes late and my dear friend, Katy was there to pick me up. I waited and waited at baggage claim for my suitcase but it clearly did not make it. A woman came up to me and asked if I had flown from Australia because that was the only bag that didn't make the flight. I was so tired after travelling for 24 hours that I got a little choked up and upset. I asked when my bag would make it and they gave me a confidant "I don't know". I filled the claim form out and slumped into Katy's car with apologies for the delay. She was sweet about it and even had bananas and granola bars for me to eat in the morning.

The next afternoon, my bag arrived along with an epic case of jet lag. My body was sure that 4am was bedtime for most of the week. I tried sleeping pills, sleepy tea, yoga, meditation and the lay there until you fall asleep approach. My body just needed time. I spent 4 weeks in a time zone that is 15 hours ahead and finished in one 17 hours ahead. I clearly needed to be patient. It took a full week, but I am now able to fall asleep at a normal time. I forgot how hard it is to recover when flying East. 

Lost baggage and jet lag aside, I am so grateful to be home and reconnect with my friends who have been so wonderful. I went on a harbor cruise and saw San Diego from the bay while enjoying laughter and friendship. Yesterday, I met up with an old friend that I haven't seen in 6 years. She just recently moved back to San Diego and it was almost like that much time didn't pass. It was great to reconnect and learn about each other's lives and transformations. And today, I was able to practice oceanfront yoga after my friend dropped off her beach cruiser for me. It was a lovely morning totally unplanned and absolutely perfect. Later, another friend came over and brought me flowers to cheer me up and we had dinner together.

I am feeling so much gratitude for the people in my life and the place I live. There is a renewed sense of joy that has come over me, especially after learning through so much discomfort on my trip. Today I did a meditation that went over 2 kinds of hope. There is the anxious hope of things to come and then an open and active hope tied to aspirations. The second is expansive and all encompassing. I feel this type of hope. I am open to whatever may come and acknowledge the closed doors and chapters as hopeful signs of better things to come.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Feeling at Home Down Under

I traveled to freezing, cold Melbourne after a month in balmy Bali. My dear friend, Becky has lived here since 2008 when she came to visit the man she fell in love with and never returned to the States. This is my third trip to visit her. We figured out that we have been friends for 21 years, so we are trying to celebrate the longevity of our friendship as well as the birth of her son, Fox. 

The change in weather has been quite the adjustment, but since I learned to embrace the rain in Bali, the cold is just another thing to embrance. In fact, on my first day here, we drove up to the snow. I know I manifested this outing since I consciously voiced that I wanted to learn to be okay in the snow. My memories from that day include numb fingers and toes, a cold nose and lots of laughter and awe. We stopped by a waterfall to look at the pretty view and the snow started falling softly and steadily. The combination of waterfalls rushing in the snow made me forget any discomfort I may have been feeling. 

This leg of my journey is about reconnecting and meeting a baby that was wanted and dreamed of for so long. It is lovely to go from a journey of growth to a place of comfort. Becky is like family to me and meeting her son has been quite profound. He is the ultimate successful manifestation. He is definitely a baby that has been wanted and loved way before his arrival. I am blessed to have the opportunity to meet him. 

The ability to feel at home in different parts of the world has been a great lesson for me. Staying in Bali for a month and finding a routine was difficult at first, but became second nature after a while. Then, returning to Australia and being able to jump right back into a long time friendship has been refreshing and comfortable. Although I am excited to return home later this week, I am grateful that home is truly in my heart and follows me around the world.