Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day Trippin'

Tomales Bay is a wonderful culinary day trip. There are a few ways to arrive, I suggest heading West on Highway 12 and then South on Highway 1. The views are breathtaking and the destination will satisfy your appetite.
The Tomales Deli and Cafe should be your first stop. They make amazing sandwiches. My personal favorite is the Artichoke Pesto Chicken Sandwich...DELICIOUS! They also serve breakfast. Tomales is a small town with 1 block of businesses so make sure you keep you eyes peeled for this treasure!
Across the street is the general store and post office. Stop in the general store for any road trip needs (maps, candy, water, wine...)
Take your time heading down the road. There are oysters being harvested, fishing boats, sea gulls, fresh air and the beautiful Tomales Bay.
 Since oysters are harvested daily, you can't leave without eating some! There are many places to stop and try oysters, my top pick is The Marshall Store. Now, getting here requires paying attention, because it is very easy to pass. Luckily, I have made the mistake and have a landmark to share...across the street is the Marshall Post Office! This tiny place has a deck where you can sit and enjoy the view. If you plan on enjoying beer or wine, there is a redwood burl set atop wine barrels on the side of the road. This isn't as dangerous as it sounds. It's quite nice and they even serve you. I suggest ordering a half dozen BBQ oysters and pairing them with a crisp Anchor Steam...pure seafood heaven!
If you plan on visiting this sweet spot, let me know...I may hitch a ride ;)