Sunday, August 15, 2010


Veraison: A stage in the ripening process of grapes whereby the grape begins to soften and starts to accumulate colour, flavour and tannin.

It has been a cool summer, harvest will be later this year and the grapes are just starting to turn. This is an exciting time for those in the wine business. It means that soon, work hours will be longer, sleep will be less and production will be increased. The birth of wine is labor intensive and requires dedication from all involved. Although my job only requires me to supply the wine makers with their needs for creating wine, I am excited to learn everything that happens to create a bottle of wine!

I can liken this season to my life right now. It has been a slow process for me this year to "ripen" into my next level. At times, I get impatient with the process and wish things would speed up and move on. However, when I think of refining myself, I realize that it is best to let the process take it's time. In the end, I will be ready to accept the gifts life has to offer and be ready for them. If there is anything I have learned this year, it is to take my time and let things happen naturally.