Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I noticed that I forgot to write about my short trip to Budapest. Once I returned home, life when full speed ahead and writing was put to the side. I was only in Budapest for 2 days. I arrived on Saturday January 15th after my flight from Milan was cancelled and I had to negotiate my way to Hungary. I had to prove that I was leaving Europe from Budapest to return to the USA and that seemed to give me some pull with the airline.

Once I arrived, I wasn't surprised, but annoyed that they lost my luggage. It is actually very funny because my luggage was lost when I returned from Paris in 2006 and since then, I have NEVER checked my bags. However, the airline I flew to Budapest with did not allow carry on roller bags, so I had to check it. I gave the airline my friend's address and hopped in a cab with them to go explore the city nightlife.
I have been friends with Roncarlo since 2004. We were investment bankers together in San Diego. We used to tell people we were twins...see the resemblance? Anyway this guy is like a brother to me and I was thrilled to meet his girlfriend and see his life in Hungary!
They are so cute together and great hosts too!

We started at their place where they opened up a couple bottles of Hungarian wine and Gabi made a traditional dish that was perfect and delicious. It was great to see Ron with Gabi. I remember when he met her and was falling in love with her. I knew he would move over there for her and here we were 2 years later; and he is so happy :)! Anyway, we spent time catching up and getting ready to go out. Gabi is training to be a makeup artist, so she did my makeup. Then, we went out for drinks, dancing and Hungarian karaoke! Good times!

The next day, Ron and Gabi were my tour guides around the city. I really enjoyed listening to Gabi talk about her country's history. She is very knowledgeable. The city is quite lovely and rich in history. We went to a beautiful cafe for a late lunch before heading out to view the city at night with the lights. It was a perfect way to see the city.
Then as all trips do, this one ended. I had to leave early the next morning to head back home. Leaving is always bittersweet. I love to come home, but travel is in my blood.