Friday, November 30, 2012

Full Circle to Sydney

The last time I came to Australia, I had spent the last of my savings and didn't have a direction in life. I wanted to taste travel before I found a job, after spending almost a year wandering post banking life. This time, I am here because of the job I found upon returning from Australia, over 3 years ago. Full circle is a good way of putting the thoughts that entered my mind as we flew into Sydney. 

I didn't visit Sydney last time, so the sight of the Opera House and Harbor bridge, gave my heart a flutter. I checked out geography books all the time as a kid and would pour over the pictures and various cultural and architectural facts each country's book offered me. I remember wanting so badly to someday see the Sydney Opera House. So, when I finally did, my heart was filled with gratitude. The blessings that I have received this year overwhelm me at times. This was definitely a "pinch me" day.

Speaking of blessings, I am so blessed to have amazing friends. Penny was able to join me on the Sydney portion of my trip. She is staying for the rest of the week as I move on to Adelaide. I remember the first time we travelled out of the country to Europe in 2006...we've come a long way learning how to travel together. Sydney is just another great chapter in our friendship.