Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: Transitions and Gratitude

This year was rapid moving, adventure filled and life changing. So many transitions, realizations and lessons happened this year and I am grateful for each one...even the most painful. In Chinese Astrology, the year of the horse began back in February, which was when everything went full force, just like a wild mustang running, mane everywhere, nostrils flared. 

For years, my spirit animal was a horse. I identified with its energy and symbolism. I raced through life, determined and galloped past anything in my way. My energy was intense, like the color orange. I didn't accept "no" for an answer, was outspoken and successful; but unfulfilled. Then, my heart and soul started to speak louder than my brain and ego and I surrendered to some pretty tough lessons that had been begging to be learned. 

The lessons removed a lot of stored up stress, resentments and pain and I began to feel lighter. I started identifying with birds more, mainly hawks. The power of surrender helped me soar over the painful path I had created and provided insight to who I really am; my authentic self. So, I began to live more intentionally and this is how the year progressed...

-finally went to Costa Rica after dreaming about it for 10 years
-took an intuitive painting class and was given the word "brave" for the year
-hiked the Grand Canyon and let nature blow my mind
-went to Sicily with work friends and sailed on the Mediterranean
-visited Spain and fell in love with Flamenco and Pinxos
-spoke more Spanish (the little I know) than I ever had
-went to Bali for a month and learned a lot of lessons through much discomfort
-learned forgivenesss and mended/released relationships
-went to Australia to celebrate 21 years of friendship and meet Baby Fox
-realized that wanderlust doesn't grip my heart as strongly and decided to STAY HOME for a while
-went to school to become a Spiritual Life Coach
-visited Washington DC
-learned to love the snow
-visited the Pacific Northwest a few times
-rode the lovely Amtrack a couple times and fell in love with train travel
-met some lovely people who have made this year sparkle a little bit more
-ran hundreds of miles and changed my really can be fitter in your 30s than your 20s!
-started writing my book
-loved more deeply
-opened my heart 
-accepted my imperfections
-recognized compassion
-changed my vibration
-listened to my intuition
-embraced my authentic self

I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store. I feel like this year created a great spaciousness for growth. Every year, I realize that the path is perfect even with its setbacks. Each lesson is a stepping stone and when I look back, I see a lovely mosaic of different colored stones. My heart is so full of gratitude and love for this year and its transitions.

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Anonymous said...

Very well articulated! I love your thoughts about embracing transition with gratitude. A great way to launch 2015 and I intend to do the same. Keep up the writing as it is inspiring me to be more creative!